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Kentucky Horse Farm Or Ranch Starting Guide

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Kentucky is known as the “Bluegrass” State, as the region is abundant with bluegrass, may it be in lawns or in the pastures. Thoroughbred horses are also one of the most famous features of Kentucky. With pastures covered with plenty of bluegrass, horse breeding and horse racing became one of the main attractions of this region. Kentucky is known to have produced the best race horses breed in the renowned horse ranches all over the state.
If interested in setting up your own ranch, Kentucky is one of the places most conducive to breeding thoroughbred horses.The region has several areas suitable for starting a farm or ranch. There are a number of available farm and grazing lands are abundant with bluegrass.

The primary thing to do is to lay down an extensive plan. Careful planning leads to a well-organized ranch or farm. There is a basic difference between a ranch and a farm. A farm usually breeds horses for farm work while ranches breed and train horses for races. Write down all the things that are needed in setting up the farm, including the startup cost and possible future expenses such as maintenance. If the budget is limited, the ranch may not be in full form in a short period of time. This is better than sacrificing the quality of the farm and the horses it will breed.

Knowledge is an important factor in ranch or farm management. Learn the basics in breeding horses, such as the diet and different types of sickness together with their symptoms. Read books and other materials that tell about horses and proper breeding techniques. Attend seminars on ranch or farm management. It is also an advantage to seek the help of those experts in horse breeding and ranch management.

The ranch should be situated in land near pastures. It should be large enough to include a barn, stable, horse exerciser, round pen and outdoor riding area. There should be a road accessible to high traffic areas such as the barns and paddock gates. It is also advisable to place the stable in elevated places for proper drainage and convenience. It is easier to cart a wheel barrow full of manure and other waste in a downward slope. Accordingly, firstkentuckyfsbo offers an extensive list of available lands suitable for setting up a farm or ranch in the Kentucky area.

The whole perimeter of the land should be fenced, which should be periodically maintained. This may entail extra cost but it is a necessary expenditure. In the event that horses got out of the stable especially at night, it is necessary to prevent them from ending up in the streets. Other accidents might also happen when the horses roam out of the farm. The fences will keep the horses inside the farm even if they got out at night. However, the fence should be checked from time to time in case repair is needed.

Horses should not be confined in stables. They are social animals and needs to be let out in the open. They need to interact with other horses. A pasture abundant with grass is very beneficial to the proper growth of horses. Also, a vital consideration in starting a horse ranch is the safety of the horses. The farm must have a good lay-out that will ensure precautions to prevent accidents. Regular consultation with a veterinarian is also advisable. The whole ecosystem around the farm should also be protected. Birds and frogs are natural predators of flies, which are considered as pests to horses.

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